( from Greek for “Bright Gift” )
is a jack-in-the-box doll that represents the first star of the evening,
offering a wish as she appears in the dusky sky.  

Part of CNYDAG's 2006 Doll Challenge
Each participating member received a packet of materials: 1 plastic circle, 1  4" wood stick,
1 satin gold button, 25  4mm gold plated beads, 9 " confetti trim, 2 yards sparkly gold eyelash trim, 2 feet gold and blue trim, poly blend multicolor print, about 11"x13", cotton tapestry rectangle, about 12"x20", 1 dozen 4mm African turquoise hearts, 2  12mm African turquoise square beads with large hole, 1 blue glass stone, 12" piece of 18 gauge gold wire, 1 6x6 " square of scrapbook paper.  The challenge was to create a doll using all of the materials
in the package.  In addition I used paper clay, polymer clay, acrylic eyes,feathers, springs, and the box.

In a private collection.

Phaedora carries a "wish" in her hand.
(a litle hard to read in this photo)
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