It's hard to say what compelled me to make this doll as most of my dolls come from the faery realm.  I didn't know the folk and bluegrass legend beyond a simple nod hello now and then when bringing my daughter to and from dance rehearsals and performances with the Vanaver Caravan when John toured with them in their tribute to Woody Guthrie show, Pastures of Plenty .  Maybe it was because John sang my favorite Woody Guthrie tune in that show (the Hobo's Lullabye I had sung to the same daughter when she was a wee little thing, long before her dancing days), or maybe it was because I sensed a good soul behind the charismatic performer.
     In any case, when I heard about his death and gathered vague notions of its circumstances, I found myself lamenting the long dark nights of the soul so many of us face. And somehow this doll just began to make itself.  I spent an obsessive amount of time on it, viewing photographs, looking for a 9-inch guitar and a miniature boater hat, all the while telling myself making this doll was a really weird thing to do.  
I couldn't then and can't still explain it to myself. A good friend reminded me: when the muse speaks, you have to listen.  And that, finally, seems a good enough reason to me.
John Herald Remembrance Doll