A rose quartz heart in a basket he carries, this young gnome is made from Prosculpt polymer clay, lightly blushed here and there.  His body is soft, made from my own sheep's wool packed around a wire armature.  He wears a wool sweater and cap, cotton pants and rough-sewn mocs with feather trim. He is about 14 inches tall, if standing. The basket was made by my 10-year-old friend Eli.  2005.
In a private collection.

His head, hands and feet are made of Prosculpt, lightly tinted. Body is soft with wire armature underneath, slightly poseable.  His dreads and goatie are uncombed fleece from my own sheep's wool.  (He's also stuffed with the same wool.)  Drum is hand made of leather and wood with a burned design.  Six inches tall, seated in his chair.  He'd be about nine, if standing. 2005. Sold.
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